Sex Offenses

Have you been accused of a sex offense and need advice?

Rape and sexual assault cases are among the hardest for defendants to win. Attorney Stephen C. Harris has the experience and skills to successfully argue these cases. The level of offense depends on the crime committed. The federal government has enacted laws that outline the tier of offense based on several different criteria.For certain crimes where minors are involved there are restrictions that prevent convicted parties from living within a certain radius places where children reside (parks, schools, day cares etc.).

If you are convicted of a crime you cannot be discriminated against where employment is concerned with the exception of those employment opportunities that might involve interacting with minors for example. The law is not lenient on sex crime offenders in Virginia and for that reason it is important that people accused of such crimes be represented fairly and accurately. If you have been charged with a sex crime, contact me immediately at 540-603-1112 and I will carefully review your case to strive to have you held innocent unless proven guilty.

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