Reckless Driving

Need help with a reckless driving or speeding violation?

According to reports, in Virginia, the average commute takes just under 30 minutes, which is one of the longest commutes in the US. The longer your commute the greater the likelihood that you will at some point, be subject to a driving offense, speeding ticket etc. Drivers who get caught speeding will have to pay a fine for each mile over the speed limit plus court costs which can add up. Having an experienced attorney involved in the more serious driving offenses is paramount.

Unfortunately sometimes when you get pulled over by law enforcement, it is not a speeding ticket you are getting cited for. If you drive 20+ miles an hour over the speed limit you could be charged with the more serious offense of reckless driving. If you receive a reckless driving ticket you could find yourself subject to a jail period if the offense is not handled correctly.

Failure to maintain control of your vehicle can also be regarded by law enforcement as a reckless driving offense. So even in circumstance where you feel you didn’t actually commit a crime, you could still be charged for reckless driving. Further more your license can be suspended as well. How you handle these situations is of critical importance. Call me at 540-603-1112 or email me and I can give you the support and legal advice you need.

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