Drug Offenses

Need help with a drug offense?

The three main drug crimes are drug possession, drug distribution, and drug manufacturing. A felony drug possession can provide you with a criminal record, fines and costs reaching into the thousands of dollars and even years in prison. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can be the difference between going to jail or getting a lesser conviction.

In Virginia it is also important to note:

  • Drug paraphernalia can assist in a drug related prosecution.
  • Law enforcement agencies may periodically do searches for the existence of illegal narcotics.
  • Operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs can also allow a charge of DUI/DWI.
  • Any drug conviction causes a 6 month suspension of one’s drivers license.

At this point you are probably aware that it is not a wise choice to get involved with illegal drug activities. If you do however find yourself in a drug related incident call me at 540-603-1112.

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